On the Ground

Projects represent actual, on the ground, restoration work.  On this page you can access specific information on each project related to the Restoration Partnership.  You can do this by selecting a project on the interactive map to the right, or you can choose a project in the list below.  The projects listed are completed, ongoing, or proposed.

In Progress Projects

  • Gray’s Meadow Restoration
  • Cougar Bay Wetlands Enhancement Project
  • Culturally Significant Plant Restoration - uł qhesu’lumkhw (Land is Good Again)
  • Monitoring and Modeling Coeur d’Alene Lake’s Response to Restoration - chdelm khwa chatq’ele’et (Defending Our Lake)
  • Guł Hnch’mchinmsh Native Willow Nursery for Support of Restoration Actions throughout the Restoration Partnership Project Area
  • Hepton Lake Wetland Restoration Project - Guł Hnch'mchinmsh - Snyihms he mulshu’lmkhw (Swimmers Landing among the Cottonwoods)
  • Gene Day Pond
  • Lake Creek Restoration
  • Prichard Creek Conservation Easement and Restoration
  • Assessing Fish Passage at Stream Crossings in the Coeur d’Alene Basin
  • Beaver Creek
  • Little North Fork Watershed Enhancement
  • Enhancing design to restore fish passage and ecosystem function in Miesen Creek
  • Benewah Creek 'ełtumish Project - Stream/Wetland Restoration
  • Big Creek Fish Passage Barrier Removal
  • Lake Creek Corridor Protection and Enhancement
  • Upper St. Joe River Bull Trout Habitat Enhancement

  • Completed Projects

  • Schlepp Wetlands Restoration
  • Robinson Creek Wetlands Restoration
  • Pine Creek Project
  • Sherlock Creek Project
  • EF Moon Creek Project
  • Wetlands Conservation Project
  • Smłich Cultural Fish Harvest Opportunities
  • Coeur d’Alene Lake Outreach - chdelm khwa chatq’ele’et (Defending Our Lake)
  • St. Joe River Streambank Stabilization and Vegetation Project
  • Black Rock Slough Wetlands Project
  • Canyon Marsh Conservation Easement
  • LiDAR Acquisition in Priority Restoration Areas
  • Wolf Lodge Creek Reach 3 Stream Restoration and Habitat Enhancement Project
  • Trapper Creek Fish Passage- (Shoshone County)
  • Castle Rock Ranch – North Fork Coeur d’Alene River Riparian Restoration Project
  • Red Ives Dam Removal/ fish passage barrier, Upper St. Joe River



    Basin Assessment Wetland Restoration Project Pine Creek Project Moon Creek Project Affected Environment Sherlock Creek Project Restoration