Status: In Progress


The Gene Day Pond project is located on the west end of Gene Day Park in Osburn, Idaho. Gene Day Park is a publicly-accessible city park.


Gene Day Pond was contaminated with mine waste. In 2018, the contaminated soil was removed and the pond was reconstructed for recreational fishing.


This project increases safe public access to Gene Day Pond by constructing gravel paths, extending graveled areas along Yellowstone Ave., and creating more parking spaces for standard and ADA parking. A cover will be constructed over the outhouse.


The Gene Day Pond project improves public access and safety in support of recreational access to a popular community fishery.


J. Chris Pfahl
Shoshone County Sportsmen’s Association
PO Box 438
Wallace, ID 83873


Idaho Department of Fish and Game


City of Osburn
Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
Shoshone County

Gravel parking under construction, 2019.

Gene Day Pond provides opportunities for connection to natural resources and plenty of smiles, 2019

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